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  • 8 Ways to Give Your Customer Halitosis

    By Mark Combs, Cre8iveDept.com In 1921 the popular antiseptic Listerine began marketing their flagship product as a mouthwash. To do so Listerine capitalized on a little known term for bad breath… Halitosis. They described how lives were ruined, fortunes were lost, and hearts were broken by this dreaded affliction. Their ads were targeted and well [...]

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  • 8 Ways to an Effective Booth

    By Mark Combs, Cre8iveDept.com Contrary to popular belief, a flashy trade show display doesn’t sell your product. Depending on what you are trying to sell, a display can help you sell. But the real strength of your trade show display is its simplicity. Simple displays highlight your product, your service, and the people that make [...]

  • 8 Ways Companies Waste Advertising Dollars

    By Mark Combs, Cre8iveDept.com   I understand, running a business is tough. Tons to do. Even more to think about. But, have you thought about how you are wasting those precious few advertising dollars? We see money wasted everyday in advertising, here are some of the most common ways:   1)    Inconsistency – Rollercoaster [...]